Marriage is a holy union which is intended to last a lifetime and we at Mount Olive are honored to assist couples with the planning of not only their marriage ceremony but also their life together.

   To that end, the pastor provides pre-marriage counseling which allows for conversation that focuses on the couples’ relationship strengths and possible growth areas. Prior to meeting with the pastor, the couple will complete an online survey which helps guide the discussions during the sessions.  The whole pre-marriage counseling process needs to be completed before the wedding day.

    We understand the marriage ceremony to be a worship experience during which we call upon the presence of God to sustain and strengthen the marriage relationship. The service itself will utilize the wording approved by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and will include prayers and the reading of scripture chosen by the couple and approved by the pastor.

    We welcome the opportunity to officiate at weddings for both members and non-members of Mount Olive.  Even though we will do the weddings of non-members, we hope that you have a faith community that will surround and support you in your marriage.  If you do not, we’d love to be that faith community.  We invite you to join us in praising God and celebrating the joys of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Preparing for the Wedding Day

As soon as you start planning for your wedding day:

  1. Fill out the form below or call the church office directly at (262)363-8251 to see if the pastor and/or church building are available on your chosen date.  Also at this time all fees and honorariums will be explained.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the pastor as soon as possible to get acquainted and begin the pre-marital counseling process.
  3. Contact the church organist to reserve the date.  The church organist has first right of refusal.

At the rehearsal…

  1. Bring all honorariums for the Pastor, Organist, and any others.
  2. Pay remaining facilities fees to the church office.
  3. Deliver your wedding license to the pastor.
Wedding Contact Form