Wednesdays 7:00 – 8:00 Starting October 9


“For the times they are a-changin” is as prophetic now as it was when Bob Dylan first sang it in 1964.  In this “Information Age” change in our lives and the world has never happened so quickly. Being plugged in to the global community does have its advantages, but we, the church, are now realizing the consequences.  Though people may be “connected” online, we are in reality disconnecting from other people.

People are also choosing to disconnect from the Church. The 2015 Pew Research Study “America’s Changing Religious Landscape” notes that in the last decade the percentage of American adults who identify themselves as Christian has dropped 8% while the percentage identifying as “Unaffiliated” grew by 7%.  This trend is shocking enough that even the mainstream media reports on it.

But here is the Good News! The church is one place in our busy world where we actually find connection. We call it community. In fact, the church is a great place to build connections and community of all shapes and sizes. Because we are rooted in God’s Grace, we can laugh and cry together, and we can share our deepest fears and our greatest joys. The church is a place where we can even discuss hard topics and not get mad at each other. Because the church is made up of all ages, it’s a wonderful place to grow connections and community with all generations.

However, because we are Lutherans and like to think things through, even as we continue to search for community, we will first look to define community. With the help of a modern technological miracle, the internet, we will listen to the thoughts of modern theologians on this subject via video streaming and then take a stab at pondering what deep connection and community means to us. And the amazing thing is, since we are the community, everyone is the expert and you have something worth contributing.

I am inviting you to participate in the discussions that will help us define what community means for us and how that shapes how we are church.

Starting October 9, we will hold 6 sessions exploring “Called to Community.”  Each session will begin with a short video that will guide our discussion for the evening.

            I know, what’s the point of “more discussion?”  We like action. We like doing. But we are praying that through these thoughtful discussions God’s vision for us will be made clearer.  And who knows, we might even deepen our community. And you know what happens then, right? There will be no stopping us.

Pr. Scot

No need to RSVP, but by letting us know you will be attending will help us plan better.  You can call/email the office or RSVP below.

Dates:            Wednesdays October 9, 16, 23, 30 & November 7, & 13
Time:             7:00 – 8:00

Please let us know if you need child care.  It will be provided.

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