The Mount Olive ACTS! Fund

Mount Olive has been blessed with an amazing gift. Jesus challenges us to love and care for one another. We are all blessed differently and those with time or money to spare should share it with those who can use it. So we are sharing this gift with agencies, organizations or individuals that serve others in our community and in the world at large.


Ministry Partners

Funding Recepiants

Who is Gerard’s Embrace: 

Gerard’s Embrace is a shelter for homeless pregnant women, located in East Troy, WI. They are committed to providing the resources and support that the area residents need to become self-sufficient and capable of providing a stable family life for them and their children. The program introduces life skills training, employment coaching, budget monitoring, and spiritual growth.

How Does Gerard’s Embrace Help? 

Gerard’s Embrace is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for pregnant women and their babies. This environment enables the residents to focus on their own emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual well-being. The goal is to promote long-term economic independence and to provide an opportunity for women to build a better life for themselves and their children.

Residents have the opportunity to:

  • Live in a safe, comfortable home in an atmosphere of support and respect
  • Develop skills necessary for financial independence through guided budgeting
  • Participate in life skill enrichment including guidance in the areas of civility, households maintenance and parenting
  • Experience spiritual growth with guided lessons and devotions
  • Earn EmbraceBucks for actively participating in Gerard’s Embrace programs. EmbraceBucks can be used to purchase items in their Baby Boutique.

What’s required to qualify for residency with Gerard’s embrace:

  • Be pregnant and 18 years of age or older
  • Successfully complete a background check and drug screening
  • Agree to comply with house rules, including but not limited to, curfews, schedules, visitors, use of technology
  • Willingly live civilly with other residents by respecting privacy and property of others, treating others with kindness and dignity and participating in communal life
  • Comply with non-smoking policy and zero tolerance policy concerning illegal substances
  • Participate in life skills building and spiritual enrichment
  • Actively participate in maintaining health and the health of baby by keeping all necessary medical appointment, following physicians directives and making healthy choices

What Can MTO do to Help? 

Please visit their website or Facebook page with more information at or call 262.684.2027

ACTS Housing is empowerment through home ownership. ACTS Housing serves diverse families throughout Milwaukee’s inner city. Most homes owners purchase formerly vacant or vandalized foreclosures. Usually rehab costs are less   than demolition and new owners save hundreds on their monthly housing costs. In 2018, ACTS Housing supported 131 families in transitioning from renter to homeowner. These families, on average, earned 52% of the county’s median income in 2018. ACTS Housing families work incredibly hard to purchase, often rehab, and occupy homes while creating vibrant neighborhoods. While rental prices continue to rise in the city of Milwaukee, ACTS Housing families have a stable, affordable living situation. Mt. Olive’s support went towards ACTS Housing core programs: home buyer counseling, real estate brokerage, home rehab counseling and loans/grants for home repair to make home ownership possible. This helped ACT Housing turn renters to owners, houses to homes, and blocks to communities!

How Does ACTS Housing Help? ACTS Housing believes in the power of home. Since the founding in 1995, ACTS Housing has supported more than 2,500 families in becoming homeowners. On average, families save between $100-$200 monthly by transitioning from renting to owning as well as having a stable, safe and sanitary home. ACTS families work incredibly hard. For example, Hector works all day but finds time to complete his home rehab projects at night with the help of his children. Additionally, Simon and Gregoria, who purchased a city tax foreclosure for $3,500 completed their rehab in just three months!

Would you like to help further?  Visit to learn more and if interested in providing financial support of ACTS Housing, online donations can be made.

  •  Who is Safe Babies Healthy Families: A program of Easterseals, Safe Babies Healthy Families has been serving families for over 35 years as a voluntary, in-home visitation program, serving families prenatal to age 5.
  • How does Safe Babies Healthy Families help: There are two main missions: assist children to be school-ready, which is done by providing activities and developmental screenings on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and second, to prevent child abuse and neglect.  The majority of the families have experienced trauma in their lives and may be struggling either financially, with mental health, drugs and alcohol, domestic violence, etc.
  • The organization helps build them up by providing support, education and resources for their families.  When a family achieves goals (big or small), they receive ‘baby bucks’ to go shopping in the Earn as You Learn Store, which Mount Olive has been generous in supporting.  The store contains basic essential items that their children need.  The generous donation has made an amazing difference because the once bare shelves of diapers and wipes have been well-stocked.  The organization also purchased some umbrella strollers, car seats and pack ‘n plays for families.  The donation provides families with assistance, but also keeps the children safe.


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Any program or initiative that seeks to meet the needs of others is eligible to apply. Requests for matching funds to complement existing fund raisers are also eligible.



The annual application deadline is February 28th. Twelve applications will be accepted each year. They will be considered in chronological order. The size of each gift will be based on the needs of applicants and the merits of the request.

In addition to a possible financial gift all recipients will have information about their program/initiative shared in Mount Olive’s newsletter, bulletin and website.



Applicants will be notified in early April as to whether the application is being considered for funding. Decisions will be communicated by the end of May.

Financial requests over $10,000 may take an additional 90 days for an approval decision (end of August).


For Outside Groups/Organizations/Individuals Only

For Teams/Individuals of Mount Olive Only

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