Mount Olive Acts
Funding Application

Mount Olive Lutheran Church is located in Mukwonago Wisconsin. We have been blessed with an amazing gift. Jesus challenges us to love and care for one another. We are all blessed differently and those with time or money to spare should share it with those who can use it. So we are planning to share this gift with agencies, organizations or individuals that serve others in our community and in the world at large.


The number and size of each gift will be based on the needs of applicants and the merits of the request.

In addition to a possible financial gift all applicants will have information about their program/initiative shared in Mount Olive’s newsletter and on our website to increase awareness of your work and, by association, assist you with fund raising and, as needed, volunteer recruitment.

Eligible Applicants:

Any program or initiative that seeks to meet the needs of others is eligible to apply. Requests for matching funds to complement existing fund raisers are also eligible.


The biannual application deadlines are February 28th and August 31st.

Download the form below.  Once completed, please email it to